The Place Our Hearts Go

What it all comes down to
is the fact that nowadays
the only thing that doesn’t
bore me
is you
and the fact of this
bores you
and the thought of the rest of my
time upon the earth
without you
is a special kind of grief
I can’t quite wrap my
head around
and I’m left with a world
all broken and stupid
and a city no longer
my home
and I can’t imagine
what’s to be done
or dreamed
I’m just lost in it all
like a wounded ghost
see all I am is all I am
in your eyes
and all that’s left of me
is what you’ve left of me
and I’m just fucking around the days
looking for the place
our hearts go when they die
I’m just looking for any fire
that will have me
so I can lie down there awhile
until I am brave
and beautiful again
and on that day
should it come
I will rise
once more
and call your name.